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School Policies



  1. In order to protect all the children, we ask that you cooperate with us by keeping your child home at the first sign of illness (sniffles, cough, upset stomach, etc.). If similar symptoms are noted by a teacher, you will be called to return for your child.
  2. If a child is going to be absent, please call us at (516) 542-7046 between 9:00 – 9:30 am to inform the office.
  3. If a child is absent because of a contagious disease, we must receive a doctor’s note in order for the child to resume attending school.



A mid-session snack (fruit, vegetables, goldfish, crackers or other healthy food) will be provided. Parents are welcome to send snacks to be shared by their child’s class provided they follow these guidelines for nutritious foods:

  • Please do not send in cookies, candy, gum or sugar-based foods.
  • If possible, check with the teacher in advance if you intend to send a class snack.



  1. We celebrate birthdays during snack period. A song and a special snack are usual. Parents may send cupcakes, special cookies or ice cream cups for the class, as long as they are nut-free. However, we do not devote more time than our usual snack time to birthday observances; therefore, no party hats, noise makers, balloons, candles or other favors will be used, only the special snack.
  2. If your child is having a birthday party at home and wishes to invite children from the class, please send invitations through the mail. It is difficult for us to guarantee delivery and, it is difficult for those not invited to understand.



As in the public schools, we have incorporated procedures in the event of fire, evacuation or lock down.