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  1. Registration will take place until 16 children are registered in each class for our 3- and 4-year-olds and 12 for our toddlers. Vacancies will be filled from our waiting list as they occur during the school year.
2. A registration form accompanied by a Registration Fee must be delivered to school for your child’s registration to be secured.



Financial Arrangements

  1. Fee Due at time of Registration. A $100.00 fee is payable upon registration of your child. This payment is not credited to any other payment, nor is it refundable.
  2. Fee due June 1st. A security payment of one month’s tuition to be credited toward the last month’s tuition is due by June 1st. This payment will be returned to you upon the child’s withdrawal from school for reasons of illness, adjustment problems, or a relocation of the family only, provided the child has attended school for at least one month.
  3. Insurance and Field Trip Costs. Insurance coverage and field trip expenses are covered by annual tuition payments.
  4. Tuition payments are due on the first day of the month. Since we are a non-profit school, we depend on each month’s tuition to pay current expenses. Un less you have made other arrangements with the school, please pay each month’s tui9tion on or before the first day of each month. There will be a $10 fee for returned checks.
  5. Credit for absences will be given only after two consecutive school weeks of absence (assuming school is in session during those weeks). No refund or adjustments will be made for the time the child is out of school for vacation or reasons other than illness. No credit on tuition is given for regularly scheduled school holidays, vacation periods and snow das. Because our program is a pre-planned on that is set up and maintained to support the children in it, it is not possible for us to provide make-up days for absences.