Reverend Jane H. Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea. Her parents immigrated to the United States of America in her early high school years. She speaks both English and Korean fluently.  Often, she interpreted sermons from Korean to English for non-Korean peaking congregation. As a pastor, leader, and mom, she is a strong Christian leader with gentle heart. She loves children and has many experiences working in Sunday School, Youth Group and Young Adults Group.  Jane’s favorite Scripture is “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” I Thessalonians 5:16:18 (ESV).  Her husband passed away in December 2017, an event which allowed her to fully understand God as the creator and the source of life. Witnessing her husband become ill and depart this world to be with God, though heartbreaking, she still gives thanks to God and is willing to continue to serve God with all her heart. She understands his passing as an opportunity for her to grow spiritually. In addition to having capabilities to love God and love people, she has a strong desire and readiness to serve God and people. She puts forth her best in everything she pursues. Jane believes that Christianity is first and foremost grounded in having a relationship with God and her neighbor. She advocates and supports the Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force believing that Christians must love God with all their hearts and must care for each other and love one another, including the poor and even those who are strange and foreign to them. She believes in ‘Ministry to All’ and God’s ‘Grace for All’.  Jane is a graduate of Nyack College, and earned her Master of Divinity at Drew Theological School. She is proud of her two lovely children. Her son Joshua works at West Point serving in the Army, and her daughter Christine works in Manhattan as a recruiter. She is passionate about justice. Many times, as a speaker addressing the UMW, she played an important role to encourage women to continue to serve God with their tender and loving hearts. She strongly believes that UMW people are the backbone of many ministries the United Methodist Church is doing.  Before being appointed by Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton to Community UMC in Massapequa, she has served Vail’s Gate UMC in NYCT District for three years.  Jane is passionate about mission, working with all who are in need of God’s touch and human care in the immediate community, as well as the world. She enjoys reading, music, hiking and traveling. Jane is excited to see what God has in store for us as she serves the Community UMC.